SC OVERLAND CONSTRUCT IMPEX SRL  was established in 1999 at the initiative of the actual sole director, Mr. Celi Francesco, as an estate and services company, with the aim of using the experience acquired in the relocation and management of the production activities from the Balkan countries.

The experience in Romania started at the beginning of the 90’s and developed in the following years, focusing in the areas of Bucharest and Arges County.

The entrepreneurial vision was, successively, the one to expand the corporate structure of the entrepreneurs and also to expand the company in various specializations from various business sectors, with the aim to create a team with big experience, absolute seriousness and competence at the disposal of the clients.

Especially thanks to this seriousness, proven in various works, the company increased in time, becoming today a recognized leader in the region.

In 2003 was established Overland Services S.r.l., an Italian society with the headquarters in Leini (TO), which holds actually 100% of the shares of Overland Construct Romania.

The company developed over the years its own core business for the internationalization of companies, especially Italian ones, in Romania, successfully contributing at the businesses of over 40 production facilities, with operators which vary from multinational companies to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Overland distinguished itself through the supplying of services since the beginning of the activity, in the research, advice and check of the usability of the industrial areas, in the integrated projection based on the analysis of the client’s structure and need, in the construction of the building and the beginning of the production activity.

The real advantage of the company is the one of allowing to the client the immediate relocation of the activity, with a huge economy of energy, staff and costs: acting in the same time in all the stages of the project, Overland offers the usage of multifunctional offices, with secretariat and industrial spaces, for the immediate beginning of the production to the end of the classic start up stage.

Over the years, finally, thanks to the great experience accumulated in real estate and internationalization activities, Overland has developed an activity of general management and constructor structured at management and yard level to become today an essential part of the whole business.