In parallel with the current activities, Overland developed over the years its own industrial estate activity at Maracineni, close to Pitesti, at about 110 km from Bucharest.

It is an industrial platform of 80.000 sq. meters, with direct access from the main road Pitesti-Mioveni (where among others there are the headquarters of Renault-Dacia), which has all the infrastructure, utilities and internal services (including gas) for the functioning of the various production units and there are also available some land lots with direct access to the railway.

The industrial platform is the result of the unification of two investments named Europa2 si Europa4. Inside of them there are available for sale and for rent industrial halls of various dimensions.

Thanks to the strategic position of the platform (at 3 km of the Dacia-Renault factory), the demand for renting spaces is constant.

Overland offers in its own industrial platform buildings with the following destination usage:

  • Investments (acquisitions with rental contract);
  • Acquisitions (for industrial usage);
  • Rental (for industrial usage).