Overland, thanks to its experience and competence gotten in 15 years of activity in Romania, offers actually a complete range of services listed below:

Integrated projection (on the basis of the local and European legislation and UNI Eurocodes), basing itself on the proven experience of the projectors inside the group and of an Italian associate office

  • Concept
  • Preliminary project
  • Functional lay-out
  • Architectural projection
  • Structural projection
  • Executive projection

General contracting for industrial and civil constructions, working thus, on big dimensions projects of projection and construction, but also as  performer (construction company) on projects supplied by the client.

Specialized advice

  • Relocation of the production and of the entire activity (link)
  • The creation of a new company in accordance with the Romanian legislation, with transit headquarters and secretariat
  • Fiscal norms and applications
  • Acquisition of land or real estate (cadastral operations – checking of the documents, notary acts, services, geomorphologic configurations, etc.)
  • Purchase-sale of land

Financial advice

  • Liaison with the main banks, business plans, feasibility plans, leasing, European funds.

Necessary procedures for obtaining building permits

  • City-planning certificate and the related local regulation
  • PUZ (zone urban plan) and Agricultural classification and the related local regulation
  • Approvals (in accordance with the related local regulation)
  • Building permit
  • Closure practices and permits for functioning
  • Utilities and services (Fire Department, Environment, Labor Protection, Collecting of the industrial waste, electricity, gas, water and sewerage, etc)

Agricultural constructions

  • Potential investments
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Silos and tanks
  • Farms


  • photovoltaic
  • hydroelectric